Find The Right Pheasant Hunting Package For You

Are you planning a pheasant hunting trip in the near future or sometime next year? We’ll be happy to have you, but have you given any consideration as to what time of the year would be the best time for you to go hunting? This is determined by, of course, finding time in life’s schedule, as well as picking a season which best compliments your level of experience, not to mention the experience of any companions you’ll be hunting with.

Below, we’ve broken down the different levels of hunting experience and made suggestions as to which of our three hunting packages would best suit their needs and levels of expertise.

Pheasant Hunting Packages for Beginners, Families, and Small Groups

With warmer weather and convenient lodging, the Early Season package is ideal for beginning hunters. When starting out, your mind will naturally be focused on learning the ropes of hunting, getting used to your equipment, and studying how to use the land to your advantage. Because of this, the more comfortable conditions offered in the Early Season package will best suit your needs.

The Early Season package also provides a wider range of gaming animals to hunt. In addition to pheasants, you have the opportunity to hunt Canada geese, ducks, and even deer. Come with your bow after the 26th of September for the whitetail archery season. When you’re winding down from hunting but still want to catch some game, a couple of superb walleye fishing lakes are mere minutes away from your lodging. Don’t worry about equipment and boats; that’s all provided!

This package is also ideal for families and small groups. Though you might have experience in pheasant hunting, the same might not be true for the younger or less experienced members of your group. Once again, the amenities of this package will allow them to comfortably learn the routes and rules of pheasant hunting. (Don’t forget: kids between the ages of 12-16 save 50% for each accompanying adult.)

Pheasant Hunting Packages for Large Groups and Company Outings

When heading out with large groups and company outings, the best package will depend on the group’s overall level of experience. If most of your group is relatively new to pheasant hunting, then the Early Season package will be ideal.

But if you have a few experienced hunters in your outing, the Mid Season might suit your needs better. This package will allow hunters to begin near the beginning of the pheasant hunting season, and the multiple activities and venues will allow the team to divide. So while some are hunting, others can be catching fish or scouting locations with the field guides. Guides means the groups and outings can be divided and still have an expert to show them around.

Pheasant Hunting Packages for Avid Hunters

In South Dakota, the pheasant hunting season opens on October 17th, the same day the Double P’s Mid Season package begins. If pheasant hunting is your passion and heading out at the beginning of the season is a priority, this is right up your alley! The season officially begins at noontime. In the hours beforehand, you can treat yourself to a customary lodger’s breakfast courtesy of Chef Chris. Never go hunting on an empty stomach, right?

Avid hunters will also want to take advantage of the Mid Season hunting package for the wide variety of game animals available at this time of year. You aren’t restricted to hunting pheasants. In the morning, you can warm up for your afternoon hunt by embarking on a waterfowl hunt. Want to try out your new bow on a whitetail? Bring it along, for bow season is active throughout the mid season’s terms. Like with the Early Season package, you can take advantage of the nearby water sources for some fishing. So avid sportsmen of all kinds will find the Mid Season hunting package to be a good deal.

Pheasant Hunting Packages for Advanced Hunters

For advanced hunters with years of experience under their belts, the Late Season package will satisfy. Opening November 22nd, when harsh cold temperatures and pre-winter snowfall have descended upon South Dakota, the Late Season will grant advanced hunters very little in the way of competition, as these conditions are too rough and dangerous for most beginning and immediate hunters. This is why experience is necessary. Advanced hunters have knowledge of how to properly bundle up and what sort of gear they need to bring for hunting in these conditions.

Hunting in this season also gives advanced hunters opportunities unique to the season. When the cold arrives, game such as pheasants and deer become increasingly active and move closer to the Double P Ranch feed plots. It may be a bit of a challenge to hunt in the cold, but if you have the experience, you can make it well worth your while. With the lakes frozen over, you also have the opportunity to challenge yourself further with some ice-fishing.