Your stay includes:

  • 5 Birds per day (Pheasants/Huns)

  • Exquisite Lodging

  • Chef-Prepared Meals

  • Complimentary Bar

  • 5-day Preserve License

  • Hunting Ammunition

  • Professional Guides

  • Flushing and Pointing Dogs

  • Well Trained Dogs Welcome

  • 5-Stand Trap Shooting

  • Vacuum Packaging of Game Birds

  • Extra Birds Available

More Details

  • Groups of 4 or more have exclusive hunting guide

  • Exclusive hunting guide for groups of 3 or less is $275/day (subject to availability)

  • Non-hunting guest fee $375/day

  • All packages subject to 6.0% SD sales tax

  • Remaining balances paid with credit card are subject to 3% surcharge

  • Deposits of absentee guests will not be applied when group size is less than reserved

  • Does not include final processing of venison

  • Guests are welcome to bring their own well-trained dogs

Mid-Season South Dakota Hunting

(October 16th to November 22nd, 2022)

Pheasants, Waterfowl, & Trophy Whitetails

2 days/3 nights $2295

3 days/4 nights $3295

4 days/5 nights $4195

5 days/6 nights $4995

Add-on: Guided Waterfowl Hunting 


Mid-Season Hunting

This period marks the start of the statewide pheasant season when all pheasant hunting areas of the ranch are open to hunting.  As the corn is harvested pheasants and deer seek out the high quality habitat of the ranch.  The reclusive South Dakota trophy whitetail bucks become more active during the daylight hours, seeking receptive does.  As the weather turns cooler, tens of thousands of migrating ducks and geese settle into the area to feed on scattered corn of the recently harvested fields, and to rest on the many large shallow lakes of the Prairie Coteau.

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

As corn harvest proceeds, more and more birds seek the shelter of the ranch, resulting in some of the best pheasant hunting of the season.  Double P Ranch has the finest and most diverse habitat of any ranch in South Dakota.  We has every type of pheasant cover you can find.

South Dakota Duck Hunting

South Dakota is one of the premier destinations for avid waterfowl hunters. Visit the ranch when the seasonal cold fronts start and you are likely to witness the spectacular beauty of the northern flight.  Better yet, start your day by experiencing northern mallards cascade from above into your field of decoys, with gun in hand.

Traditionally the best time to waterfowl hunt is Nov 10th-25th in the absence of a hard freeze.  Mallards are the primary birds harvested at this time.  Other birds harvested include:  pintails, widgeon, canvasback, redheads, bluebills, buffleheads, speckle bellies, lesser Canada geese (cackling geese), Ross geese, and blue and white phase snow geese.

To hunt waterfowl in South Dakota our guests need to apply for the license by early July.  We recommend our guests apply for the 10-day Non-resident waterfowl license for the best chance of a successful draw (75% success w/o a preference point). Guests do not need to bring waders. Most of the hunts are during the morning in the field, using a comfortable trailer blind. 

South Dakota Archery Whitetail Hunting

Double P Ranch offers the highest quality archery whitetail hunting in South Dakota. This hunt is by invitation only. If you are a current or past guest of the ranch or a friend of a guest and would like to hunt please contact us.  We are constantly improving our whitetail hunting.  Every year we add new stands and locations. We love to experiment, every season we add new seed mixes, and adjust food plot layout/design to increase the quality.  

For serious archery hunters, we recommend hunting four to five days.  The wind does blow in South Dakota and when it does deer movement tends to be limited. Extending your stay increases your chances of experiencing one of those “magical days” when all the “big boys” seem to be on their feet. Our guests have harvested trophy whitetails over the entire season. The rate for an archery only hunt is the same as a pheasant hunt.  

Double P Ranch Archery Guidelines

We ask our guests to shoot at least 130” (excluding first time hunters and youth) or larger bucks.  Although we do not have penalty system, guests who willfully shoot small bucks will not be invited back to the ranch.  We ask our guests to take good ethical shots, preferably 30 yards or less.  We encourage the use fixed blade broad heads, rather than mechanicals.  We have witnessed several penetration issues using mechanical broad heads over the years, resulting in lost deer.

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