How to pack for a South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Trip at Double P Ranch

Weather is always a wild card when it comes to planning a pheasant hunting trip in South Dakota.  High temperatures during the traditional South Dakota pheasant hunting season, September to December, can range for the 0 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. There can be snow, there can be rain and you can count on it being windy for at least a part of your pheasant hunting trip in South Dakota.  With these extreme fluctuations always check the weather and pack accordingly.  Below is our packing recommendations for your pheasant hunting trip.

Pheasant Hunting Gear to Bring During Your South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Trip

  • We strongly recommend a blaze orange hat or beanie depending on the temperatures.  Your head is the most visible and vulnerable so be certain to wear a blaze orange hat while in the field pheasant hunting.
  • A light blaze orange shell vest with room to carry your ammunition, water bottle, and extra clothing layers.  A larger than normal size vest will allow it to be worn over a heavier layer during colder weather. Double P Ranch always carries extra upland hunting vests in our pro shop.
  • Protective shooting eye wear is a must for both safety and comfort in the field.  Double P Ranch has protective eye wear for purchase.
  • Shooting gloves are useful during the colder months. Be sure the gloves are shear enough to not interfere with your trigger pull.
  • Water resistant upland or rubber hunting boots are a must. We also recommend wearing two pairs of socks.  One shear compression sock worn over a warmer sock works wonders to prevent blistered feet that can occur pheasant hunting.
  • Upland hunting guns: We recommend12 gauge and 20 gauge shotguns for pheasant hunting in South Dakota.  Double P Ranch offers a selection of semi-auto, O/U’s and pump action Berretta and Benelli shotguns for our guests if needed.
  • Pheasant hunting ammunition:  We include ammunition in our all inclusive pheasant hunting packages.  We include #5 Federal and Winchester pheasant hunting shotgun shells.
  • We encourage the use of light weight water resistant hunting pants in the field.  Be sure the pants are roomy enough to allow wearing a base layer on the colder/windy days.
  • Moisturizer: It can dry in South Dakota so having a good lip balm and a hand/facial moisturizer will increase your comfort while pheasant hunting especially on the windy days.