The Late Season

(Nov 20th, 2019 to Jan 7th, 2019)


Pheasant & Archery Whitetail


Finest Habitat in South Dakota!

Exquisite Lodging

Chef-Prepared Meals

Pheasant Hunting (until March 31st)

Complementary Heated Archery Whitetail (limited availability)

Professional Guides

Flushing and Pointing Dogs

4 birds per day

Extra Birds Available

Pheasant & Archery (until Dec 31st) 

2 days/3 nights

3 days/4 nights

4 days/5 nights

5 days/6 nights

Groups of 8 or more have exclusive hunting guide

Exclusive hunting guide for groups of 7 or less is $250/day (subject to availability)

Non-hunting guest fee $275/day

All packages subject to 6.0% SD sales tax

Remaining balances paid with credit card are subject to 3% surcharge

Deposits of absent guests will not be applied when group size is less than reserved

Guests are welcome to bring their own well-trained dogs

Late Season South Dakota Pheasant Hunting:  This is the time of the year when the ranch really shines.   Our high quality and bountiful winter cover, together with readily accessible food sources attract and sustain wildlife.  Snow and colder temperatures trigger the influx of pheasants and whitetail deer from surrounding areas lacking winter habitat.  Seeing a hundred pheasants erupt from a single field is common at this time.

Heated Archery Hunting : When winter sets in whitetail deer herd up and seek the shelter and food on the ranch.  Enjoy your hunt regardless of the conditions. Hunt in our carpeted, hard-sided, elevated blinds with propane space heater while sitting in a captain’s chair as winter rages outside.  Just make sure you’re not asleep when that shooter appears.

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Schedule your visit to Double P Ranch Now.

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