South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

The beauty and diversity of the South Dakota Glacial Lakes combined with two decades of habitat restoration set Double P Ranch apart from the rest.

Double P Ranch has created the finest South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Paradise. We have everything a sportsman desires in hunting habitat.  Endless upland native grass cover, perfect for upland hunting with pointing dogs.  So many wildlife food plots that we never bothered to count them.  Myriads of both small and large wetlands dot the landscape.  Dozens of lush, thick shelterbelts consisting of fruit and evergreen trees provide critical winter cover to sustain robust pheasant and deer populations. 

The Beauty of the Coteau des Prairies

Double P Ranch straddles the western edge of the Coteau des Prairies. The Coteau des Prairies is a geographic ridge which delineates the flatland region (James River Valley) from the Glacial Lakes a.k.a. the Prairie pothole region of South Dakota.  The ranch is located in the heart of the North America Central Flyway. While pursuing pheasants in the field, take a moment to turn your gaze toward the skies to witness the spectacular and seemingly endless migrations of birds of the central flyway.

The Hunting Heritage of Double P Ranch

The western edge of the of Coteau des Prairies was the preferred migration route of American Bison. The Sioux Indians hunted the bison as they migrated along it’s western ridge.  To this day it’s still possible to see old bison trails on the landscape. The number of artifacts recovered through the years on the ranch suggests the ranch was a prime hunting area as the buffalo migrated along the ridge.

Pheasant Hunting at Double P Ranch

With the exception of the first week of the regular season, pheasant hunting begins at 10 am. We do occasionally start earlier for weather reasons or to accommodate a group’s early departure. Guides meet the group in the morning and head to the fields.  A typical day will consist of some trap shooting after breakfast, followed by the morning hunt, generally 2.5-3 hours. in the field before returning to the lodge for lunch. The group will go back to the fields for the afternoon and hunt the remainder of the day if desired.

Hungarian Partridge and Northern Bobwhite Quail

Over the last several years we have been able to re-establish and sustain healthy populations of Hungarian partridge on many areas of the ranch. We are now embarking on establishing and creating healthy populations of Northern Bobwhite quail on the ranch. We began dedicating significant areas of small grains into our food plot rotation.  These fields create a great food source as well as shorter cover that’s desired by the partridge and quail.  In addition we have started creating spring fed ponds throughout the ranch.  Although we are in the initial stages of establishing sustainable quail populations on the ranch, we are very happy with the result to date.  We will continue with these efforts.  When visiting us, you are likely to encounter coveys of hens or quail in the field at some point during your stay.  You are welcome to include them in your daily bag limit, provided your aim is true.  If you get lucky, ask your guide to give them to the chef, they make a great appetizer!  

Your Dog is Welcome to Join!

Many of our guests bring their dogs. It is amazing how much improvement occurs over the course of a few days of South Dakota pheasant hunting. Please note: Dogs are not allowed in lodge; we have a heated locker room or heated kennel room. Over zealous dogs may be asked to retire early. We have an area that we reserve for hunting one-on-one with your dog.

Exclusive Small Party Hunts

Although our target size of 8-10 guest per hunting party is small compared to most South Dakota ranches, we often have guests who prefer to hunt exclusively as individuals or smaller parties (2-7).  This option is ideal for introducing new hunters to the field, working with less experienced hunting dogs, or small groups that desire exclusive hunting.  These hunts focus on areas of the ranch that are hunted by the larger groups.  The fee for this option is $250 per day per hunting party. 

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting at Double P Ranch

Successful South Dakota pheasant hunt at Double P Ranch

Early Season Hunting

The early season is a great time to enjoy the full South Dakota outdoor experience during the warmer weather. Early season Double P Ranch pursuits include: pheasant hunting, waterfowl hunting, archery hunting dove hunting, and walleye fishing

Mid-Season Hunting

The noon start during first week and subsequent 10 am start time after allows ample time for guests to catch up on a little extra rest, grab their bow and head to a deer stand, slide on some waders and head to a slough, or field for some legendary South Dakota waterfowl hunting.

Late Season Hunting

The legendary flushes of pheasants that define South Dakota pheasant hunting occur when December weather concentrates the pheasants around thick cover and food. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of birds in a single field at this time of year when the conditions are right. Our December guests are welcome to bring their bow to spend some time in one of our stands or enclosed heated elevated blinds.


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