Pheasant, Archery, and Waterfowl Hunting

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Welcome to Double P Ranch – South Dakota’s Premier Hunting Lodge

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Absolutely the Finest South Dakota Hunting Habitat

Every type of hunting cover imaginable

Since the formation Double P Ranch in 1996, the goal is to offer the finest South Dakota hunting experience of any hunting lodge. Located along the western edge of Prairie Pothole region of South Dakota makes Double P Ranch a Sportsmen’s paradise. The dense mosaic of wetlands covering the gently undulating landscape provide a unique and diverse landscape for South Dakota wildlife to flourish. Guests of Double P Ranch experience the heart racing explosion of a South Dakota pheasant underfoot, the full body tremors of an encounter with that buck of a lifetime, the graceful descent of mallards from above, agile mourning doves darting over a millet field, and even the gentle tug at the end of the line during their stay with us.

The Trees

After witnessing the devastating effects of the winter 1997, we fully understood the need to provide quality winter cover.  We began planting trees throughout the ranch.  To date we have planted over a quarter million trees which together with countless food plots now provide superb habitat for wintering wildlife.  In fact our tree planting efforts have been so robust that we are a nationally recognized tree farm. Any visiting guest is sure to notice our trees belts and the South Dakota pheasants and whitetail they sustain.

Upland Grasslands

While many South Dakota Hunting Ranches rely on stripped grain fields for their primary hunting, we do not.  The ranch just finished a multi-year effort to establish lush dense fields of native warm-season grasses throughout the ranch.  These fields provide fabulous habitat to wildlife, especially pheasants and whitetail deer. The change we have witnessed in the wildlife attracted to these fields is truly remarkable.  We look forward to even more improvement as these areas of the ranch continue to establish and attract even more game.

Wetlands and Lakes

The abundance of wetlands in the Glacial Lakes region of South Dakota allows our visiting guests to enjoy multiple pursuits. The high wetland density of the Prairie Pothole Region attracts waterfowl beginning in the spring until ice up. The thick wetland cover attracts and holds both deer and pheasants, especially when temperatures drop. The ranch has nearly 100-defined wetlands throughout; these wetlands range from a fraction of an acre to over 40 acres. Numerous larger water bodies provide world-class fishing opportunities throughout the season.

The Food Plots

Through the years we improved the scope and quality our food plots. In the early days we had just a handful of mostly weedy food plots.  Today we have so many that we don’t bother counting them; we plant over forty fall food plots just for our archery hunting alone. The diversity food plots are designed to attract and hold, pheasants, Hungarian partridge, dove, and whitetails.  You name it, we have it.  Corn, beans, tall and short sorghum, millet, alfalfa, clover (four kinds), Egyptian wheat, turnips, radishes, sugar beets, wheat, rye, oats, and more.  Yes we are very busy!