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What our visitors are saying…

Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed Double P ranch. The hunting was fantastic, lots of birds and our guide Jesse was great. Accommodations and food – extraordinary. I have been on 6 different outfitter hunts and the Double P Ranch was by far, the best. I will be soon booking another hunt for 2018 with you. Thank you for your attention to detail. Really looking forward to it!

John Dinsmore : President, CEC General Contractors, Inc.

What our visitors are saying…

Hi Cyrus.  Thanks for your help and I have to tell you, we all had a great time.  I think you own a piece of heaven there.  The guides  were outstanding.  Already planning again for next year.

Michael Vidler Vice President & General Manager NOVOLEX™

What our visitors are saying…

Just wanted to say thank you again for a great few days at Double P. Joe and I had a great time. The accommodations, the guides, the employees, Chris the cook, they were all top notch. Unbelievable guides who work their tails off! The food was AMAZING! Putting that buck down was just the icing on the cake! We will be back next fall (if we are welcome, that is). Very classy, yet down to earth  place to hunt! Thanks again…a hunt I’ll never forget!


What our visitors are saying…

Cyrus just wanted to say thank you very much to you and your awesome staff. The food was first class and the hunting was awesome. Although we had snow with very high winds on one of our days Jessie and the staff managed to get  us on the birds. You have given us memories to last a life time and look forward to another trip to hunt at your ranch again. It was like a family hunting camp in the evening with so many nice people from many states. Thanks again from the Iowa hunters for a great time!


What our visitors are saying…

Our recent trip to your ranch was AWESOME! I cannot express in mere words what a wonderful experience we had. Jessie was an excellent guide with two great dogs. Take care of him! As the face of your ranch, he represented you very well. Birds were plentiful, both pheasant and dove albeit we had a few misses before we figured out how much faster they are than what we are used to. Patrick created amazing meals and was a riot to hang out with. Still drooling over the wild boar meatloaf! Thank you again for a great trip!

Battalion Chief William Hoover, Gold Shift Wauconda Fire District

What our visitors are saying…

I just wanted to drop you a quick email in regards to the hunt this past weekend. Our guys had an absolute wonderful time. Your guides were top notch. Matt done a very good job of leading the charge and they were all there for us anytime we needed anything. They went above and beyond to ensure everyone was pleased. Your cook, Jock, prepared some tremendous meals and he never quit working the entire time we were there. Typically, with a group as large as ours, it is hard to please everyone, but your crew managed to do it. There were no complaints. This was a great experience for some of our group that have never had the opportunity to take a trip like this. Please give your guides and Jock a pat on the back for a job well done. I would be very surprised if you don’t see some return business in the future with the effort they put forth.

John Vowell – Superintendent, Bowen Engineering Corporation

What our visitors are saying…

Cyrus, Not sure where to start, but here goes. The food was great, not just good but great and Chris was a great guy. The guides were great to work with. They listened to what we wanted and let us work our dogs. Their dogs were well trained and the cover was really well developed. They work really hard and put in a long day. In the evening they are fun to be with over dinner. A lot of corn still on the fields but I chalk that up to mother nature. The Roost was really comfortable and nice and clean. The heated room for the dogs was first class as well. Everyone agreed that we need to begin planning the trip for next year. My compliments on a first class operation.

Paul Rosen – President & CEO M/I Financial Corp.

What our visitors are saying…

Cyrus, I was part of the Josh Stephens party you had earlier this week and I thought it appropriate to pass on that we had a great time earlier this week. I really appreciate how well Jack and Chris took care of us. I can’t forget to mention Mongol as he was a blast to swap stories with at the end of the day.

Matt Preston, Solar Winds

What our visitors are saying…

Hi Cyrus,I just wanted to say thank you for a great experience last week. Everyone had a blast and the volume of waterfowl was simply amazing….staff were all excellent and Chris can hang with any of the five star restaurants I have ever been to. I made this trip all about my dog and we experienced some fantastic memories all around.

Jason Fowler

What our visitors are saying…

Hey Cyrus, I just wanted to email to let you know that Doug and I had an awesome trip and some great pheasant hunting at your lodge. I am not sure what was better, truthfully–the hunting or the lodge atmosphere with Chris’s food. Both were incredible! We met some great folks, including Jack, Corey, and Chris, and several other hunters who were in and out of the lodge during our stay. We just wanted to let you know that your service was a rare one where the advertising and hype matched the real experience. Thanks a lot for the opportunity and don’t be surprised if we come back! (I pretty much have to hunt ducks and geese with y’all after what I saw this week!).


What our visitors are saying…

Just wanted to say thank you for an outstanding time. Much more than expected after seeing the 2013 pheasant survey. Everyone was great from all the guides, Luke, jack and Corey. Chris did a fine job preparing the food The meals were delicious. I speak for Don, Bud & Mark that we look forward to a return trip next year.

Greg Petrusawich

What our visitors are saying…

Cyrus, just wanted to take time to say how much we enjoyed our pheasant hunt. Everything was top notch. Your lodge was outstanding and the heated dog kennels were a plus. The pheasant hunting was outstanding even in below zero temperatures. The best part was getting to see my 68 year old father shoot a pheasant for the first time. Korey and his dogs, Max and Trigger, were excellent. They did everything they could to help us have a successful hunt. If we are ever lucky enough to come back to South Dakota, I see no reason to go anywhere but the Double P. Thanks for some great memories!

Joe Payne

What our visitors are saying…

Cyrus, I wanted to let you know what a great time we had at the “Double P Ranch”. The lodge was very comfortable and a nice place to come back to after hunting. What a wonderful dinner Chris prepared!! The best fish, pheasant and potato soup that I had ever eaten. The pheasant hunting was incredible, our guides did a tremendous effort trying to get us into birds and making sure we had a good time. I hope to see you again next year. Do not worry about Johnny we will be sure that he follow rules… to avoid receive again the “Double P Ranch Punishment” LOL!

Juan Morales – Cummins

What our visitors are saying…

Cyrus, Today was beautiful. Kirk and Scott have been very helpful and exceeded my expectations. I am enjoying my hunting and lodging experience.

David Blum

What our visitors are saying…

Cyrus, We had a great time hunting up there and are looking forward to hopefully making it again next year.

Mike Woollen

What our visitors are saying…

Cyrus,I just completed a stay at your Double P Ranch lodge. We had a great time. The whole experience was wonderful. Your staff of Kirk, Tom, Kip, and Scott were all top notch. I’ve been to South Dakota several times and by far this was the best experience. Hunting with Tom and Kip was really well done. Scott’s cooking was really special. All are to be congratulated. Thank your staff for me – again top notch.

Kevin McGrellis – Hidden Valley Golf Club

What our visitors are saying…

Cyrus,Just to let you know. We had a great time, saw lots of birds by mostly Kirk was a great host and guide. His dog Thor was a treat to hunt with.They were both a great experience for the two boys we had along.

Andrew – Cafe Imports

What our visitors are saying…

“Having hunted across North America and beyond, I can easily say that your hunting operation is in the ‘upper crust’ of facilities catering to pheasant hunters. I truly look forward to returning at a future time.”

Rob Keck – NWTF

What our visitors are saying…

“The hunting was GREAT! Birds everywhere! I even stepped on a hen: scared me to death!”

Sam Hutton

What our visitors are saying…

“My trip to Double P Ranch near Clark, South Dakota last year was just what I was looking for.”

David R. Bayne, PhD Professor Department of Fisheries Auburn University, Alabama

What our visitors are saying…

“Everyone in our group loved this place. Plenty of room to hunt, plenty of birds, the accommodations are great, and the food!”

Joel Jones – Germantown, Tenn.

Absolutely the Finest South Dakota Hunting Habitat

Every type of hunting cover imaginable

Since the formation of Double P Ranch in 1996, the goal is to offer the finest South Dakota hunting experience of any hunting lodge. Located along the western edge of Prairie Pothole region of South Dakota makes Double P Ranch a Sportsmen’s paradise. The dense mosaic of wetlands covering the gently undulating landscape provides a unique and diverse landscape for South Dakota wildlife to flourish. Guests of Double P Ranch experience the heart racing explosion of a South Dakota pheasant underfoot, the full body tremors of an encounter with that buck of a lifetime, the graceful descent of mallards from above, agile mourning doves darting over a millet field, and even the gentle tug at the end of the line during their stay with us.

The Trees

After witnessing the devastating effects of the winter of 1997, we understood the need to provide quality winter cover so we began planting trees throughout the ranch.  To date we have planted over a quarter million trees which together with countless food plots now provide superb habitat for wintering wildlife.  In fact our tree planting efforts have been so robust that we are a nationally recognized tree farm. Any visiting guest is sure to notice our trees and the pheasants and whitetail they sustain.

Upland Grasslands

While many South Dakota Hunting Ranches rely on stripped grain fields for their primary hunting, we do not.  The ranch just finished a multi-year effort to establish lush dense fields of native warm-season grasses throughout the ranch.  These fields provide fabulous habitat to wildlife, especially pheasants and whitetail deer. The change we have witnessed in the wildlife attracted to these fields is truly remarkable.  We look forward to even more improvement as these areas of the ranch continue to establish and attract even more game.

Wetlands and Lakes

The abundance of wetlands in the Glacial Lakes region of South Dakota allows our visiting guests to enjoy multiple pursuits. The high wetland density of the Prairie Pothole Region attracts waterfowl beginning in the spring until ice up. The thick wetland cover attracts and holds both deer and pheasants, especially when temperatures drop. The ranch has nearly 100-defined wetlands throughout; these wetlands range from a fraction of an acre to over 40 acres. Numerous larger water bodies provide world-class fishing opportunities throughout the season.

The Food Plots

Through the years we improved the scope and quality of our food plots. In the early days we had just a handful of mostly weedy food plots.  Today we have so many that we don’t bother counting them; we plant over forty fall food plots just for our archery hunting alone. The diversity of food plots are designed to attract and hold, pheasants, Hungarian partridge, dove, and whitetails.  You name it, we have it.  Corn, beans, tall and short sorghum, millet, alfalfa, clover (four kinds), Egyptian wheat, turnips, radishes, sugar beets, wheat, rye, oats, and more.

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