South Dakota Waterfowl Hunting

Double P Ranch is located in the Prairie Pothole region aka “the duck factory”. The high density of wetlands produces and attracts thousands of waterfowl. The ranch has nearly one hundred wetlands.

Double P Ranch Waterfowl Hunting

Double P Ranch Waterfowl Hunting

Enjoying waterfowl hunting while visiting Double P Ranch is popular with many of our guests. Waterfowl hunting begins the fourth weekend in September and continues until conditions force the birds South, generally late in November. To hunt waterfowl in South Dakota a NR waterfowl license is needed. This in a limited license awarded by lottery draw in early July.

Waterfowl Hunting Options at Double P Ranch

On Ranch Waterfowl Hunting

Hunt the ranch on your own or with a ranch guide. Blinds, decoys, and duck boats are provided for your use. This is a good option when birds are abundant in our local area. Hunting is over water in September and October. In November when the crop is out we will hunt fields on or near the ranch. Common waterfowl: Gadwall, greenwing teal, redhead, widgeon, shoveler, mallard, and pintail.

Guided Waterfowl Hunting

Off ranch waterfowl hunting option is a popular with many of our more serious waterfowl hunting guests. A dedicated waterfowl guide will scout prior to your arrival to pinpoint fields of feeding birds. These morning hunts often produce excellent world class shooting experiences. Common waterfowl: Mallard, widgeon, pintail, and Canada Geese.

South Dakota waterfowl licenses are awarded by lottery. Success in 2016 was 86%. Applications are due in July. Click here for more information.

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