There’s an increase in women pheasant hunting in South Dakota, especially at Double P Ranch


Every year more and more women are attracted to places like South Dakota for the exhilarating experience of pheasant hunting and other types of game hunting. The beautiful South Dakota prairie sky, combined with the undulating landscape covered with endless prairie wetlands teaming with wildlife provide the ideal backdrop to the anticipatory explosive pheasant flushing underfoot. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that women are ready to join the exciting world of hunting at an accelerated rate.

Increasing Interest

With double the number of women hunters purchasing pheasant licenses in South Dakota, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more diversity at Double P Ranch over the past decade. In fact, women now make up nearly 20% of all hunters in the United States, an increase of 85% between 2001 and 2013, according to the NRA. Other states are seeing the increase such as Oregon with a 16% increase in the past decade of women who’ve joined their hunting scene. All this in light of a slight decrease in male hunters. One reason many women are becoming more interested in hunting is most likely due to an increase in the “locavores” or people interested in food that is locally grown and raised. This on top of more classes geared to women to learn about hunting, such as “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” within South Dakota.


Quality Time in the Field

Seasoned hunters know that when you hunt pheasant with friends or family, it can be one of the best ways to spend quality time together. Whether it’s watching the sunrise, or simply being away from technology (we hope), there’s no doubt about the bonds that can form when pheasant hunting together. In this fast-paced, screen-obsessed culture, quality time can be hard to find, which, especially to mothers or wives, is important. In fact, many of the more well-known female hunters, like Eva Shockey, are trying to change the stereotype of hunting by showing other women how great hunting is, even if just for the love of the outdoors. At Double P Ranch, we strive to create an atmosphere that allows for your group to enjoy their time, from the moment you arrive, meal times, and even once the hunt is complete. We are a female-friendly lodge as well, with excellent facilities as well as private suites and tasteful decor.


Double P Ranch understands that pheasant hunting is no longer “just” a man’s passion, and the demographics of hunting are continuing to shift. That’s why our new lodge not only features private suites with in-room entertainment systems but is suited for all levels of hunting and experiences, making it one of the finest hunting lodges in South Dakota. In addition, we proudly boast the best cuisine of all the lodges in South Dakota, making your visit to Double P Ranch worth it, even if you do not plan to pheasant hunt.


No matter the reason, women have caught on to all the perks and incentives of pheasant hunting in South Dakota. If you’re a woman looking to get into hunting but don’t know where to start, let our great staff here at Double P Ranch help. From world-class instructors and guides to top-notch accommodations, we’ll make sure your first experience is your best and not your last! Get your hunt scheduled today – the seasons fill up fast.