Planning For Your South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Trip

Now’s the time of year when avid hunters begin to make plans for the next hunting trip. When you’re planning your next South Dakota pheasant hunting trip, there are several things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect location.

Think back on your last hunting trip and consider the things you would want to change and the things you really enjoyed. Here are some of the key factors to consider when planning your next outing.


You won’t be hunting the entire time you’re on your trip, so you’ll want to make sure you have a nice comfortable place to return to after a long day in the brush. The ideal lodging should have comfortable beds, a nice bathroom for cleaning up, and a living room where you can relax.

Take into consideration the size of your hunting party and how comfortable the lodging would be for that many bodies. You also may want to check if they have appropriate lodging for your four-legged friends. At Double P Ranch, we provide heated rooms for our guests’ hunting dogs.

Food Menu

Many hunting ranches will have food provided for you as part of the hunting experience. Nutrition plays a big role when you’re out in the fields all day and require a lot of energy. Whether it’s cooking what was shot during the day or providing breakfast to give you the energy needed for the upcoming hunt, you’ll want to find a hunting lodge with a talented chef.

Hunting Terrain

The success of your pheasant hunting trip will be largely dependent on the type of terrain you’ll be working with. A proper hunting host will have a terrain that’s ideal for a large population of pheasants, which will then improve your chances of a successful hunting trip. The type of terrain is also important when considering the type of gear you have and how able you’re to traverse it.

Special Provisions

You’ll also want to consider what kinds of provisions the hunting lodge provides for its guests, especially if they offer things you don’t have yourself. Double P Ranch offers the service of our expert hunting guides and our very own hunting dogs for all of our guests who don’t have their own. Our hunting guides and dogs will help you track down pheasant and give you the best opportunities for bagging a couple of birds during your stay.

Once you’ve taken the time to research and plan for your upcoming hunting trip, make sure you call and book it right away. Spots start to fill up quickly this time of year, and you don’t want to miss out on another great pheasant season in South Dakota.