South Dakota Archery Hunting on the Coteau de Prairies

Double P Ranch Whitetail

The Prairie Pothole region of South Dakota consists of millions, yes millions of wetlands and is often referred to as the “Duck Factory” of North America.


The wetlands of our region provide ideal habitat for whitetails.  The region consistently produces world-class whitetails each and every year.  The combination of high wetland density, wildlife-friendly agricultural practices, a late starting gun season, and proactive state management have created a vibrant whitetail population.

Whitetail Hunting at Double P Ranch


Decades of wetland restoration and tree planting has produced some of the finest archer  y whitetail hunting in South Dakota. The ranch has dedicated bow hunting only areas, dozens of food plots, and plenty of hunting locations for our guests to enjoy during their stay with us. Double P Ranch guides will help to decide the best stands to hunt during your visit, transportation to and from the field, and assistance tracking and field dressing your deer.  


We limit the number of archery hunters visiting the ranch to ensure each guest has a quality experience. For serious archery hunters we recommend visiting for five days.  We do not have a penalty system, but we ask our guests shoot a minimum 130″ buck. Hunters between 12-16 years old are free to shoot any deer they consider a trophy. We prefer our guests use fixed blade broad-heads and take only close, ethical shots.    We do offer archery-only package for those only interested in whitetail hunting.  This rate is the same as the pheasant-only rate.  See Hunting packages for details. 


South Dakota Archery Seasons and Licenses

Private land archery tags are easily attained.  Typically the application becomes available in August.  It is best to apply at least two weeks before your scheduled arrival to ensure adequate time for the tags to arrive via mail.  Don’t forget to bring your tags with you.  If you are intending to hunt a buck, you will want to apply for either the “any deer” East river or “any deer” statewide tag.  With this tag you will be able to harvest a buck or a doe.  Doe tags are again available.  We do allow 

Early Season:  Sept 18th-Oct 28th (Buck and/or Doe Available)

 The early season marks the opening weekend of archery season. Several nice bucks have been taken this weekend. Archery hunting during this period is included in our early combo package. In addition to archery our guests also are likely to enjoy pheasant, waterfowl, and dove hunting. Many will spend some time on one of the many area lakes fishing walleye and pike as well. The days are longer and warmer giving our guests ample time to enjoy the earlier fall in South Dakota.

The Mid Season: Oct 29th-Nov 20th (Buck-Only)

 Big buck activity really begins to heat up starting the last week of October and continues until the mid to late November. This is the time of season when many trophy whiten  tails are on their feet during the day. Availability during this time period is limited. You have the option to only archery hunt during your stay with us or add archery hunting to your pheasant hunt. Guests opting to only archery hunt will have the same rate as pheasant hunting. If the guest tags out they will be able to pheasant during the remainder of their stay with us.

The Late Season Nov 21st-Dec 31st (Buck and/or Doe Available)

The late season is a great time to archery hunt on the ranch. Colder temperatures and snow accumulation drive deer to the ranch property.  Our combination of great habitat and bountiful food plots attract deer for miles. We have many comfortable enclosed Maverick Hunting blinds with heaters to keep to you hunting even in the harshest weather.


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