Late-Season – Ice Fishing, Coyote & Pheasant Hunting

The Double P Experience

4 birds per day (3 pheasants and 1 partridge)

Option to shoot extra birds at $40 per bird

Hands down, the finest habitat in South Dakota (created by wildlife biologists)

Guided hunting with trained flushing and pointing dogs

Cleaning and packaging of all game birds

Trap shooting

Lodging and Meals included in all packages

(Nov 20th- Dec 17th)

Pheasant & Partridge

Archery Whitetail

Coyote (self-guided)

Ice Fishing (conditions permitting)

Per guest Pick One Pick Two Do it all
2 days/3 nights  $895  $895 $895
3 days/4 nights  $1195  $1195 $1195
4 days/5 nights  $1495  $1495 $1495
5 days/6 nights  $1795  $1795 $1795

Non-hunting guests rate $275/day

Guests are welcome to bring their own well-trained dogs

Late Season South Dakota Pheasant Hunting:  This is the time of the year when the ranch really shines.   Our high quality and bountiful winter cover, together with readily accessible food sources attract and sustain wildlife.  Snow and colder temperatures trigger the influx of pheasants and whitetail deer from surrounding areas lacking winter habitat.  Seeing a hundred pheasants erupt from a single field is common at this time.

Late Season Archery South Dakota Archery Hunting:  When winter sets in whitetail deer herd up and seek the shelter and cover of the ranch.  The South Dakota Game, Fish, & Parks has standing permission to utilize the ranch to trap and radio collar deer for study when archery season wraps up.  Over the years, dozens of deer have been tagged or collared.  It’s common to see collared does wandering throughout ranch.

Archery hunting in comfort: One challenge we faced was to provide our guests a warm, comfortable, and productive means to hunt late-season whitetails.   For years we struggled with soft-sided ground blinds.  The strong South Dakota winds together with snow wreaked havoc on these blinds.  Blind failure was common.  Furthermore, the reduced visibility of the ground blinds made it difficult for our guests to get a quality opportunity even when deer were within shooting range.  We abandoned the soft-sided blinds altogether and began to replacing them with elevated hard-sided blinds.  These blinds now provide our guests with a comfortable platform, out of the elements, to enjoy their hunt regardless of the conditions. We are now confident that when our guests walk in under the cover of darkness they will have a comfortable place waiting for them.

Coyote Hunting: Our guests are welcome to try self-guided coyote hunting during their stay. We recommend they bring flat shooting rifle and a shot gun for the close range shots.   December is good time to try hunting coyotes, especially when we have some snow cover.   NOTE: All South Dakota Hunting licenses include a coyote hunting license.

Ice Fishing:  Our guides enjoy doing some ice fishing when conditions permit (typically after Dec 15th) Let us know in advance if you are interested in trying some ice fishing. For those who have never tried it, it’s a must do.  The lodge is located on an excellent jumbo perch fishing lake.

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