Double P Ranch Hunts

Pheasant Hunting | Waterfowl | Spring Snow Goose | Trophy Whitetail Bow Hunting

Pheasant Hunting

  • Double P Ranch features chef prepared meals

  • All meals and beverages

  • Guides and dogs

  • Bird processing

  • Lodges 1 to 20 hunters

  • High speed wireless internet

  • Flat screens with satellite television

  • Pool table and bar

  • Housekeeping


Waterfowl Hunting

  • Guided or non-guided

  • Duck boats, blinds, or field hunting

You need to enter the waterfowl license lottery by June. There are 10-day (NRW-00B) and 3-day (NRW-00Y) licenses available for Clark County.



Spring Snow Goose Hunting

Double P Ranch is located in the prairie pothole region of the South Dakota. The ranch boasts over 100 wetlands and is located on Dry Lake II and within 2.5 miles of Dry Lake I. These very large shallow lakes act as staging areas for spring and fall migrating waterfowl. In excess of 500,000 snow geese will roost on these two lakes most springs. Our crop fields are some of the very first fields the geese encounter when going to feed, which makes for consistent action. We offer an affordable and pleasurable snow goose hunting experience. Our guides have been hunting snow geese for many years and utilize spreads which are robust enough to bring in the birds.

  • Lodging Included

  • 1000 decoy spreads w/ e-callers

  • Cleaning and freezing facilities



Snow GooseHunting at Double P Ranch -
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Double P Ranch Goose Lodge -
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Fall Waterfowl Hunting

We offer both self-guided and guided waterfowl hunting each fall.

  • Decoys and Mojos

  • Duck boats w/ electric motors

  • Layout blinds

You need to enter the waterfowl license lottery by June. There are 10-day (NRW-00B) and 3-day (NRW-00Y) licenses available for Clark County.

Bow Hunting - Trophy Whitetails


Clark County South Dakota has tremendous whitetail hunting and our area of the county is where the 'Big Boys' roam. Be assured you have found a great place to hunt without the hype and crowds reserved for states like Iowa, Illinois, and Kansas. Huge deer abound and are taken each year. In fact, our township consistently produces the largest buck in the county and on several occasions the largest buck in the state.

The Hunt

Be one of the few! The Double P Ranch hosts a limited number of bow hunters each year. We manage the 3000 acre ranch for trophy deer, which ensures that every hunter will have a great experience.

Countless food plots are strategically placed throughout the entire ranch. Nearly every hunter we have hosted has either harvested or had a real opportunity to harvest a trophy deer during the course of the hunt. The success rate is very high and the opportunity rate even higher.

Upon arrival you will be accompanied by an experienced Double P Ranch guide, who will take his time going over aerial maps and physically showing you the many designated bow-only hunting areas found throughout the ranch. He will recommend several areas to hunt based on our most recent scouting, then turn you loose.

  • Double P Ranch features a personal chef

  • All meals and beverages

  • Semi-guided included

  • Fully guided available

  • Exclusive access to bow-only properties and areas

  • Additional doe allowed