Welcome to Double P Ranch – Clark, South Dakota

Located in the heart of the Glacial Lakes and Prairie Pothole Region

Double P Ranch resides on the western edge of the Coteau des Prairies in the Glacial Lakes region of South Dakota. A dense mosaic of wetlands covering the gently undulating landscape provide a unique and diverse landscape for pheasant to thrive.

The Mission

Since the formation Double P Ranch in 1996, our primary goal has been to restore and create unparalleled pheasant habitat to support sustainable, robust pheasant populations. Every year new restorations projects are planned and implemented with the goal of further improving the landscape. Our goal is to create the finest pheasant habitat of any South Dakota Ranch.

Creating a pheasant Paradise

Twenty years ago we recognized that creating permanent winter habitat was essential if the ranch was to have consistent and robust pheasant populations year over year. Early on, we witnessed the devastating effects the winter of 1997 had on both pheasant and deer populations. Seeing the pheasant population plummet ninety percent and deer population get cut in half over a single winter, strengthened our resolve to create permanent winter throughout the ranch.

Permanent Winter Cover

Much of our restoration efforts during the first several years were dedicated to planting trees, in fact hundreds of thousands of trees. These tree belts located throughout the ranch provide some of the finest sustainable winter pheasant habitat in South Dakota. Our tree planting efforts have been nationally recognized. Any visiting guest is sure to notice our trees belts and the pheasant they attract.

Only the Finest Upland Habitat

Recently our restoration efforts have focused on establishing diverse fields of native grasses and forbs, replacing the monoculture fields of grass, common in first or second-generation conservation plantings. The last few years several of our guests have asked why some of our fields are hayed and some full of weeds. The hayed fields have been prepped for spring planting; the weedy fields have been planted that season. Recently planted fields always look messy the first year. It’s only after two or even three years that these fields come to fruition attracting and holding pheasants. In 2016, we look forward to the second year of the planting of 2015 and more field conversion.

Wetlands and Lakes

The abundance of wetlands in the Glacial Lakes region of South Dakota allows our visiting guests to enjoy multiple pursuits. The high wetland density of the Prairie Pothole Region attracts waterfowl beginning in the spring until ice up. The thick wetland cover attracts and holds both deer and pheasants, especially when temperatures drop. The ranch has nearly 100-defined wetlands throughout; these wetlands range from a fraction of an acre to over 40 acres. Numerous larger water bodies provide world-class fishing opportunities throughout the season.

Food Plots

Through the years we improved the scope and quality our food plots. In the early days we had just a handful of mostly weedy food plots,; today we have so many that we don’t bother counting them. These diverse food plots are designed to attract and hold, pheasants, Hungarian partridge, dove, and whitetails.